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HIL Scientists at the Forefront of Laser-Matter Interaction Research; New Publication at HPLSE

A peer-reviewed paper titled “Control of amorphous solid water target morphology induced by deposition on a charged surface” was published today in a special laser-target issue of HPLSE   – an international journal focusing on high-power laser science. 

The article – by HIL researchers Alexander Bespaly, Indranuj Dey, Evgeny Papeer, Assaf Shacham, Pavel Komm, Ibrahim Hadad and their co-authors at the Hebrew University in Jerusalem  – presents The advances of the team in the target engineering field. Described in particular is a novel method of deposition and control over morphology of frozen-water targets, achieved by deposition of water vapor on a charged substrate. The obtained target is structured as multiple, dense spikes, confined by the charged area on the substrate, with increased aspect ratio, for enhanced laser-target interaction and proton acceleration.