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Israeli startup HIL Medical Ltd. acquires US-Based Nanolabz Inc. – en route to developing advanced cancer radiotherapy systems

Jerusalem, Israel and Reno, Nevada. May 26, 2016 – HIL Medical Ltd. – a Jerusalem, Israel medical technology startup – has just announced the acquisition of Nanolabz Inc. – a Reno, Nevada company born out of University of Nevada research and focused on developing and fabricating smart targets for laser-based proton acceleration. HIL Medical is developing a new class of ultra-compact, high-performance Proton Beam Therapy systems, based on high-intensity lasers and nano-engineered smart targetry.

“Today’s announcement is important on several levels,” Mr. Sagi Brink-Danan, Chief Executive Officer of HIL, said, “The acquisition immediately doubles HIL’s patent portfolio, thus further fortifying our already-strong IP position in our field. It also adds strong, complimentary talent to our team, and provides a strong base for HIL’s US operations. We are looking forward to working together with the NanoLabz and UNR teams towards our joint goal of building the world’s first laser-based cancer proton therapy system.”

NanoLabz co-founders Dr. Jesse Adams and Mr. Steven Malekos said they are thrilled to have found a great partner for NanoLabz’ technology with HIL, adding that “we are looking forward to working with HIL’s world-class, committed and capable team on translating cutting-edge technology into products that will benefit cancer patients worldwide.”

Co-founder and president of Nanolabz, Mr. Grant Korgan, added: “It’s a joy to see us reach this milestone. It is a testament to hard work and the power of positivity.” Mr. Korgan suffered a major spinal cord injury in 2010, and has since become a local and global inspiration, TED-lecturer and sought-after public speaker.

UNR president Dr. Marc Johnson stated that he was pleased to see this milestone, which highlights the institution’s role as an internationally respected, high-impact research university.

What is Proton Therapy: A proton beam is a form of focused radiation used to treat solid tumors. It is superior to traditional radiation therapy (X-Ray, or Photons) in that it reduces damage to surrounding healthy tissue by 2X-6X, thereby reducing toxicities and improving patient survival and quality of life. Proton therapy is used routinely for treating many types of cancer; it is FDA-cleared (510k) and reimbursed by both Federal and private insurers.

Proton Therapy’s Unmet Need: Proton beam therapy can help an estimated 300,000 cancer patients every year in the US – yet last year only 10,000 received it (that’s less than 4%). Protons are arguably the most advanced form of radiation therapy – yet there are only 19 active proton-therapy centers in the US today; compare with over 2,700 traditional (X-Ray) radiation therapy centers. The main barrier to widespread adoption is the large size (football stadium) and high cost ($150-250M) of building and operating a proton therapy center. Single-room solutions are slowly being introduced by some vendors for $30-50M. The key to making protons available to every patient in every midsize hospital is a scalable, add-on, single-room solution for half the current price tag or less. HIL’s technological breakthrough promises to bring about this revolution.

About HIL Medical: HIL Medical is developing a new class of ultra-compact, high-performance proton therapy systems. We apply a patented approach to particle acceleration and beam delivery, combining nano-technology with ultra-high-intensity lasers and ultra-fast magnets. These technological breakthroughs enable meaningful reduction in the size, complexity and cost of proton therapy systems, without compromising clinical utility. Thus HIL aims to enable, for the first time, a single-room add-on proton therapy solution that is truly cost-effective.
HIL Medical was born out of patented research performed at Prof. Arie Zigler’s physics lab at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, and co-founded by him and by Dr. Shmuel Eisenmann. The technology was licensed by Yissum, the university’s Technology Transfer company.
For more information, please visit: www.hilmedical.com

About Nanolabz: Nanolabz develops and fabricates smart nano-engineered targets for the short-pulse laser R&D sector. The company has created IP and developed laser physics targets and alignment system technology with the aim to help create a next-generation, compact, high-performance and reduced-cost proton sources for research and cancer therapy.
For more information, please visit: www.nanolabz.com

Contact: Sagi Brink-Danan sagi@hilmedical.com
Source: HIL Medical Ltd.


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