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Prof. Yehoshua (Shuki) Shemer joins HIL’s Board of Directors

Professor Shemer is Chairman of the Board of Assuta Israel, the country’s largest private hospital network. He is also Director of the Israeli Center for Technology Assessment in Health Care (ICTAHC) at the Gertner Institute, which is a research unit serving the Israeli Ministry of Health. A graduate of the Hebrew University and Hadassah School of Medicine, he is a foremost specialist in medical technology management and serves in that capacity as a faculty member at the Tel Aviv University Business School.

Over the years, Professor Shemer has served as Surgeon General of the IDF, Director General of Israel’s Ministry of Health, and CEO of Maccabi HMO. He has led a number of national reform committees and has been an active participant in more than a hundred scientific meetings both in Israel and abroad.
A prolific writer and editor, he has published extensively in prominent professional publications, authored numerous chapters and 6 books on trauma, terror, health reform and technology assessment.