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HIL awarded two new US patents.

These two latest additions – granted to HIL during the past two months – bring HIL’s patent portfolio to over three-dozen granted and pending patents worldwide, out of which over 20 have already been issued. The issued patents cover all the important geographies – including the US and Japan (together accounting for more than 70% of the global proton-beam therapy market), China (the fastest-growing proton therapy market), and others.

One of the newly-awarded patents covers novel aspects of HIL’s nano-engineered targets – used for the acceleration of protons by laser – including their unique properties and the processes for accurately fabricating them. While the other patent covers a wide range of system-level aspects of a complete laser-based proton-beam therapy machine – thus providing a significant barrier to entry for potential competitors.

The newly awarded patents demonstrate HIL’s commitment to innovation, and mark another milestone towards achieving and commercializing a cost-effective, single-room solution for proton-beam therapy.