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Dr. Raphael Pfeffer, Assuta Chief Of Oncology and HIL Advisory Board Member, in an interview on the future of radiation therapy 

For its Medicine 2020 special issue The Marker Magazine featured an interview with Dr. Raphael (Raphi) Pfeffer, HIL’s advisory board member and Chief of Oncology Division at Assuta Medical Centers. In the issue, dedicated to medical doctors, by medical doctors, and focused on cutting-edge developments in medicine, Dr. Pfeffer discussed HIL’s Proton Therapy solution, and the future of cancer therapy.

“HIL’s new technology could eliminate the need for too heavy and too expensive equipment”, said Dr. Pfeffer. “The price of Proton Therapy will be reduced and will be similar to the prices of other radiation therapies that are being used today”.

Read the full interview here. (Hebrew only)

The Marker Interview with Dr. Raphael Pfeffer