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R&D Project / Team Leader, Charged Particles Beamline

Description of the Position:

The particle beam team / project manager is responsible to lead the development of a beam transport
system that will deliver the charged particles from the accelerator to the patient/tumor. He/She is a handson, multidisciplinary scientist with a demonstrated background in beamlines for charged particles. Building on HIL’s existing in-house personnel and external collaborations, he/she lead a dedicated team of scientists and external collaborators that develop novel concepts of particle beam transport to correspond with the unique properties of laser-plasma particle accelerator. S/he works with a high level of autonomy, developing and executing workplans, designing experimental setups, proposing novel conceptual designs and working with external consultants & suppliers on implementation and manufacturing of the beam line. S/he is expected to be knowledgeable of the relevant scientific literature and to follow the progress of the scientific community in particle therapy.

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